December Update

Hi, everyone – Update time, and it's a mixed bag of both good news and bad.

Let's start with THE BAD. Yesterday I did a full count of everything I have left to finish on the rulebook (I'd say the remaining stuff is about 20% writing and 80% art) and then compared it with my calendar, and unfortunately the math doesn't lie – There's no way I'm gonna get this thing done in time for Christmas. I have to assume this is gonna go well into January. I just have to be realistic and know my limits in terms of how quickly I can crank the art out. I'm sure there are plenty of artists who would be willing to help me out, but I REALLY want this rulebook to be 100% my artwork cover-to-cover. Not because I'm stubborn – I just want that style consistency throughout.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I plan on giving the Kickstarter backers a PDF version of the first 75 pages of the Blade Raiders rulebook before Christmas. That means an advance look at character creation, weapons, armor, riptur (ie. lizard) mounts, magic and powers, game rules, and more –– Over half the book! That will hopefully tide some folks over until the *entire* rulebook makes its way into everyone's hands a month or so later.

Thank you all for being so patient and for showing such great support for this game. :) More to come very soon!

- Grant